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JSC “BIJOLA” is a confectionary company which was founded in the spring of 1997. First, it was a small company employing a few confectioners. Later, because of the increasing demand out assortment became wider, and we started hiring more staff members. Today our company makes about 100 types of cakes, pies, sweet pastries, biscuits, chocolate statuettes, florentinas and fruitcakes.

The primary company’s principle is high product quality and good taste, which is achieved by using natural ingredients of the highest sort as well as traditional and modern technologies. In our company we have introduced RVASVT quality and self-control programme.

We have a specialized auto transport park and can deliver our products to the door if a customer wishes it. 

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Contact us

Vokiečių str. 28, (8-52) 610986
Baltrušaičio str. 3 , (8-52) 388464
Pylimo str. 33, (8-52) 627798
Fabijoniškių str. 2, (8-52) 387213
Žygio str. 90, (8-52) 195828
Kovo 11-osios str. 67a, (8-37) 314170
(8-37) 337033, (8-37) 337034, (8-650) 80013
V.Lašo str. 2/ Eivenių str. 21, (8-37) 795917
Didžioji str. 82, (8-673) 91881
E-mail.:  ,
We guarantee the perfect product quality!